My name is Eliza Kurowska and I am photographer artist. My passion is to work with people, show their feeling, and experience. I am fascinated by a human body and everything that it shows like sexuality, space, and scars. In my work, I would like to show that we all are different, every person is an amazing individualist, although there are some aspects which connect us all. We should not be ashamed of yourself, even if we are different, do not think like others we should accept our self and show our amazing personality to everybody. In my art I am doing a lot of interview, talk with people and than base on this information’s I am doing my work. I need to first get to know person if I am doing photo. I like to get some contact with model, build a bridge between me and model where we can feel comfortable in our company. In our planet there is 7.5 billion people, everybody is different, everybody has different experience, my passion is to explore, reach thoughts, feeling and body of those people who I am able to talk with. In my work I am exploring different areas of human life. Observe what is important for people, listen to them and find connection. In the future I would like to work on different areas of life, create a history of what is important. Share histories, to give people some thoughts that we are not alone, somebody have similar history but they handle with it in a different way. I would like viewer questioning their life while they are looking at my photos. Why? How? When?


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